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Fast and guaranteed Western Digital
Hard Drive Data Recovery

Creative IT is a name you can trust for all your Western Digital hard drive data recovery needs. Based in London, Creative IT is a leading data recovery company specialised in Western Digital hard drive recovery. We can carry out successful recoveries on any Western Digital hard drive models including Enterprise hard drives, Desktop hard drives, External hard drives and Mobile hard drives.

WD data recovery by Creative IT

With more than 15 years of hard drive data recovery experience, Creative IT is the name you can trust to recover data from Western Digital hard disk drives that have experienced logical crashes and file corruptions. The team of Western Digital hard drive data recovery experts at Creative IT has the needed skills, software and hardware tools to retrieve the majority of your lost data from all type of hard drives.

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  • Internal Desktop Hard Drive Recovery WD Caviar Blue SATA Hard Drives, WD Caviar Green SATA Hard Drives, WD Caviar Black SATA Hard Drives
  • Internal Mobile Hard Drives Recovery WD Scorpio Blue Mobile Hard Drives, WD Scorpio Black Mobile Hard Drives
  • Internal Enterprise Hard Drives Recovery WD VelociRaptor, WD RE3, WD RE2, WD RE4-GP, WD RE2-GP

As soon we receive your hard drive, our Western Digital hard drive data recovery specialists will carry out a full diagnostic to determine the cause of problem. Once the problem is determined, we will give you a quote. On approval of the price, we will commence our data recovery process. We are able to recover data from your hard drives within 24 to 72 hours, based on the severity of the damage.