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Safe, Secure Data Recovery Services

London based data recovery services for physical and logical failures

Creative IT is a leading data recovery company based in London, UK and offering supreme quality, immediate and cost-effective data recovery services and products. We perform data recovery services from both logically and physically failing hard drives and specialize in data recovery from laptops, desktops, data servers, raid arrays and tape cartridges. Creative IT totally understands the significance of data and how it is so crucial to the effectiveness of our client’s business. Our data recovery technicians work non-stop to recover your data and we keep you informed every step of the way with the data recovery. Our data recovery experts can skillfully, professionally and economically recover lost or corrupted data from almost any damaged or failed fixed or removable media.

recovery data london

Recover your Significant
Inaccessible Data or Lost Data

Data can be lost due to a number of circumstances. As part of our data recovery services, we assist our customers in recovering their significant inaccessible data or lost data after an accidental format, virus crash, partition loss, software malfunction, file or directory deletion or even sabotage. We are one of the oldest and most trusted data recovery companies in the UK and we’ve provided recovery services to individuals, multinational corporations, educational institutions and government agencies from crashed, damaged or failed hard disk drives and magnetic disk storage media where our competitors have failed. You won’t find a more qualified data recovery company that is so experienced and offering affordable rates.

recovery data london

Years of Successful Data
Recovery Experience

With over 15 years of successful data recovery experience, we maintain our own cleanroom operations, complete with all the computer hardware, software and other technology resources needed to salvage data from all operating platforms and file systems. Creative IT is your best possible choice for recovering your valuable data for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 9x, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Linux, UNIX, SCO, Sun, Macintosh, DOS, OS/2 and Novell NetWare. around UK.

UK Hard Disk
Data Recovery Specialists

Our state of the art data recovery facilities are unequaled. The talent and expertise of our London hard disk data recovery specialists is unmatched. At Creative IT, we offer a variety of data recovery service levels ranging from standard to emergency, depending on how quickly the customer requires the inaccessible / lost data. The first step towards our data recovery process is that our competent engineers make a diagnosis of the faulty drive or media and decide the appropriate steps desirable to accurately recover the data from it. We will notify our results to the customer and provide a price quote for undertaking the data recovery process. Only on the approval of the customer, the data recovery work will be performed by one of our data recovery experts.