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Emergency Data Recovery
Company in the UK

Lost your critical data? Based in the UK and in need of an emergency data recovery service? We know how significant it is to have reliable access to your data, and how essential it is to ensure that your data is safe. Computer downtime and data loss account for millions of pounds of lost revenue for businesses every year. Creative IT, based in Central London, offers specialist data recovery services for all removable and non removable media and devices that have suffered logical, mechanical and electrical damage and from a variety of operating systems.

We offer fast, comprehensive data recovery and file restoration for data loss emergencies arising from corrupt file systems, accidental format, viruses, deleted files, sabotage, mechanical failures, noisy hard drives, head crashes, electrical failures, media corruption, liquid damage and much more.

Data Recovered By Specialists with Over 15 Years
of Experience

We recognise that time is money. The quicker we can recover your data, the faster you can go back to doing business. Our emergency data recovery service is available 24/7/365 when your data needs to be recovered fast. With us, your data storage unit will be recovered by technicians with over 15 years of experience. Our professional data recovery programmes can minimize further damage and maximize the chances for a complete recovery of lost information, including documents, photos, videos, speadsheets, emails or music files.

Fast and Cost Effective Solutions in the UK
Data Recovery Industry

We offer the fastest, friendliest and most cost effective emergency data recovery solutions in the UK. Our data recovery services are available for time-critical situations. We have helped hundreds of individuals, small businesses and large organisations recover vital data. Our emergency data recovery services are one of the safest in the business, and we pride ourselves on being talented to offer emergency data recovery and restoration, disaster recovery and file recovery services for all types of media and operating systems.

Complete Solutions for Emergency Data Recovery

Our facilities are equipped with a certified clean room, and since our creation, we have continued to improve our data recovery methodologies and techniques to balance ever-changing operating systems. Our data recovery team is on call and available to come to your and your lost data’s rescue whenever and wherever data loss disaster strikes.

No matter where you are, in the office, travelling or at home, dependable and knowledgeable data recovery services from Creative IT are just a call away on 020 7237 6805.