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June 5, 2018 By Monique Stoppa

Liquid damaged Apple Mac Recovery

Liquid damaged Apple Mac recovery

Water damaged MacBook data recovery

Water damaged MacBook data recovery

Although the overall success rate in saving Apple Macs which have been affected by tea, coffee, beer, wine, juice, milk, water or other drinks, or been caught in the rain, is high, in some cases, the repair and costs associated with part replacements don’t make a repair economical to carry out. In other cases, the owner of the Mac may not want to repair it and would simply like to replace it by buying another one. That’s when data recovery can become an important factor in the decision to repair or not particularly if sensitive or important data or photos haven’t been backed up before the incident and need to be retrieved.


Does water damaged Apple Mac = Data loss?

Whether the internal storage device is a standard hard drive or a Solid State Drive (SSD), as long as the storage device is intact, it is possible to recover the data saved on the liquid damaged Apple Mac. Data transfer can be done from the dead machine, by removing the hard drive and SSD and connecting with USB cable; or, if the SSD is non removeable because it is soldered to the logic board as it is the case with the newest MacBook Pro models, data retrieval can be done by attempting to find a solution to make the laptop boot up by repairing the board so that the data is recoverable.


What should users do to ensure a successful liquid damaged Mac recovery?

When a Mac has been damaged by liquid spillage, users need to make sure that the device is turned off immediately by pressing the power button, unplug the power supply and keep the machine open and upside down until it gets inspected and tested by professional IT technicians. Trying to restart the Mac should be avoided as it can potentially make more damages to the internal components and the logic board in particular.

Data Doctor has a walk-in service for liquid damaged Mac recovery from Monday to Saturday from 0900 until 1800 and can assist anyone with a liquid damaged Mac with the fast and secure recovery of their data straight away. Our company has the necessary data recovery tools, including PC 3000 for diagnosing and repairing drives and a clean room, to salvage the data even if the Mac is no longer starting up.