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April 4, 2018 By admin

How to unlock a Seagate F3 Rosewood drive?

Unlocking a Seagate F3 Rosewood As you may be aware, Seagate F3 Rosewood series drives have special firmware... [...]
April 13, 2017 By admin

Hard Drive Donor Match Guide: How to find the perfect match for a hard drive transplant

Hard drive donor match guide If your hard drive has a mechanical failure and you need to find a donor drive in order to transplant the platters, the heads, PCB board, disk motor or any other component that has gone faulty on it, we have created a short hard drive donor match guide to help […] [...]
April 13, 2017 By admin

Seagate F3 Hard Drive SMART Recovery: How to fix Init SMART Fail error Init SMART Fail LED:000000CC FAddr:xxxxxxxx

SMART as a helping tool to avoid a Seagate F3 hard drive SMART recovery If you are experienced in Seagate F3 hard drive SMART recovery and other recoveries, you are probably well aware of SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) found on hard drives and solid state drives (SSD). If this is new to you, SMART is [...]