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December 16, 2019 By Monique Stoppa

POS (point of sale) Systems Data Recovery

How to recover data from a point of sale system (POS)?

HP Point of Sale (POS) data recovery

HP Point of Sale (POS) data recovery

Full data recovery services for POS can only be performed by data recovery professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of POS system, how they work, where their data is held and how to retrieve it when a fault alters the full functionalities of the POS.

POS are central components of a business. They are available for all industry sectors including hospitality, retail, hair and beauty etc… and include restaurant POS, coffee shop POS, bar POS, food truck POS, bakery POS, vape shop POS, liquor store POS or retail store POS. They are the systems where retail transactions are completed i.e. where customers make payment for products or services at a particular store.

Having an efficient and fully working POS system is key to make sure that all operations are running smoothly. Common POS software features include sales reporting, inventory management, customer management and employee management.

Each POS system is made up of software and hardware components such as a monitor or a tablet, often an iPad as it extremely popular with POS; barcode scanner, credit card reader, receipt printer and cash drawer. They operate on Mac OS, Android or Smartphone environments and are either on-remise POS or cloud POS.

Top retail POS include iVend Retail, Sapaad, Vend, Ehopper, Cegid, WinRetail, Lightspeed Retail, Cin7, EZRentOut, MicroBiz Cloud, NetSuite, ShopKeep, Epos Now, Revel Systems, AmberPOS, Cash Register Express, Skulocity Retail Management, Ordorite, KORONA POS, Agiliron and HP.

When a POS stops working, stops responding or fails, the data recovery required will depend on the type of problem encountered.


What are the types of POS data recovery solutions ?

There are several types of POS and several types of POS data recovery processes. Some link to a central server in the premise where all the transactions that are taken that are shared. In a case of failure to the server, all the terminals are unable to function and the whole shop or establishment is crippled. Failures can be non-hard drive related and when this happens, there is a need to get the system back online.

This is the reason why it’s important to have an image of the server backed up off line in case the hard drive dies. This will make the POS data recovery much less painful. If you do, you will be able to simply put the back up hard drive back into the server and make your POS up and running again. It is recommended that the back up is done at least once a month.