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SSD Data Recovery

Our London SSD data recovery service offers expert solutions for all types of physical and logical data loss situations. At Creative IT, our data recovery engineers are specially trained to work with all leading brands of SSDs (Solid State Drives) including:

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Recover Data from All Solid State
Drive Brands Quickly

New generation SSDs feature advanced level data encryption protocols to ensure high security for stored data. Though SSDs ensure greater data protection compared to traditional HDDs, SSDs are also susceptible to physical and logical damages and failure.

At our London data recovery store, we have advanced equipment and techniques to successfully recover data from even the most complex SSD data loss situations. The team at Creative IT has experience in working with various SSD data loss scenarios such as:

  • Controller chip damage or failure

  • Electronic component-level failure

  • Damaged printed circuit board (PCB)

  • Accidental data deletion

  • Flash cell degradation

  • Data corruption issues due to power failure or surge

Professional SSD Data Recovery

With the increasing reliance on more technologically advanced storage devices, such as solid-state drives, innovative solutions to the problems they can present are desperately needed. At Creative IT, we have everything it takes to recover data from a dead SSD for you to be able to use your files again. It’s not the end of the world if your drive is somehow damaged and restricts access to photos, videos, and documents stored on your PC. The bottom line is that the choice is yours: whether to bow to the inevitable, or to turn to professionals and get your data back in a matter of days.

Although solid-state drives use interconnected flash memory chips and more sophisticated encryption technologies than HDDs, this doesn’t mean they are resistant to being dropped or corrupted. These storage systems are still vulnerable to physical and logical damages of various types. With this in mind, we offer high-quality SSD data recovery services to make sure your files do not ….

There are many unforeseen events which may catch you off guard. Our specialist engineers realise the value of your files and are ready to rescue all of them as soon as possible. Regardless of the operating system or model of your storage device, Creative IT will retrieve data from your SSD in full.

There’s Always a Way Out

Whether you use an SSD-equipped PC for gaming, work, or study, you have probably noticed its advantages in terms of processing speed and performance. However, when it comes to durability, a solid-state drive is roughly the same as a traditional hard disk one. Therefore, SSDs are also not immune to:

  • Firmware corruption.
  • Malicious programs like viruses and Trojan horses.
  • Bad sectors and faulty controller chips.
  • PCB damages.
  • Electronic component failures.
  • Detection issues.
  • Physical damages caused by human activities or natural disasters.

Recovery of SSD data is also possible if you have deleted some of the file folders by accident. Keep in mind that you should stop using your solid-state drive once you notice any signs of data loss. Thus, you will be able to avoid overwritten files which challenge the successful recovery. If you face any issues in terms of access to your photos, videos, or music stored on a drive, it’s high time to contact the leading company specialising in SSD data recovery in the UK – Creative IT!

We recover data from all makes and models of SSD

G Technology SSD models:

Get Your Files Back with Us

While implementing the most sophisticated techniques of SSD data recovery, our team deals with numerous brands of storage devices. We are also able to retrieve files from disks with considerable capacity.

Leave your worries behind and contact Creative IT! We will make sure you can use all files that have been subjected to corruption.