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Samsung Solid State Drive
Data Recovery

Creative IT, a foremost data recovery company based in Central London, provides secure and professional Samsung solid state drive data recovery services to customers in London and all over the UK. If your Samsung Solid State Drive (SSD) has stopped working and you cannot access your files and data, it is advisable to turn off your computer or storage device to minimise and prevent further damage.

London Samsung SSD Data Recovery for drives with storage capacity of:

  • 1TB
  • 750GB
  • 512GB
  • 500GB
  • 256GB
  • 250GB
  • 128GB
  • 120GB

Free Samsung SSD Data Evaluation and Diagnosis

Recover Data from All Samsung Solid State Drive Models

Samsung Solid State Drives are suitable for an easy upgrade and to experience faster computing performance, but these SSD drives may also fail due to several reasons. Creative IT has specialised hardware and software for Samsung Solid State Drive (SSD) data recovery services. Our experienced engineers are particularly trained to work and retrieve data from corrupted, defective and failed SSD and therefore can help clients with common problems such as:

  • Firmware corruption
  • Power failure or surges
  • Faulty controller chip
  • Damage due to liquid spill or flood
  • Failure of electronics component
  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) damage
  • Operating system not booting
  • Not detected in BIOS
  • File system corrupted due to virus
  • Data damaged due to occurrence of bad sectors
  • Unexpected power failure or surges

The part / model numbers from which
we can successfully recover data include:

MZ-5PA064/US, MZ-5PA064B/AM, MZ-5PA064C/AM, MZ-5PA128/US, MZ-5PA128B/AM, MZ-5PA128C/AM, MZ-5PA256/US, MZ-5PA256B/AM, MZ-5PA256C/AM, MZ-7KE128BW, MZ-7KE1T0BW, MZ-7KE256BW, MZ-7KE512BW, MZ-7PC064B/WW, MZ-7PC064D/AM, MZ-7PC128B/WW, MZ-7PC128D/AM, MZ-7PC128N/AM, MZ-7PC256B/WW, MZ-7PC256D/AM, MZ-7PC256N/AM, MZ-7PC512B/WW, MZ-7PC512D/AM, MZ-7PC512N/AM, MZ-7PD064BW, MZ-7PD128BW, MZ-7PD256BW, MZ-7PD512BW, MZ-7TD120BW, MZ-7TD120KW, MZ-7TD250BW, MZ-7TD250KW, MZ-7TD500BW, MZ-7TD500KW, MZ-7TE120BW, MZ-7TE120KW, MZ-7TE1T0BW, MZ-7TE250BW, MZ-7TE250KW, MZ-7TE250LW, MZ-7TE500BW, MZ-7TE500LW, MZ-7TE750BW, MZ-MTE120BW, MZ-MTE250BW and MZ-MTE500BW.