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Data Recovery for Flood Damaged
Hard Drives

When home or office computer equipment is affected by flooding, Creative IT can help recover the data contained on affected computers, laptops and servers hard drives.

If important data such as photos or business documents were not backed up before flooding struck, you need to act swiftly and get your hard drive to a specialised data recovery like Creative IT straight away. Waiting too long or trying to test the damaged hard drive, by turning it on, drying it up, rinsing it with clean water if it has been affected by salt water or opening it up by yourself, could endanger the chances of recovery and cost you more in the long run. Just pack the hard drive safely in paper towel, place it in a plastic bag and send it to us by the quickest way available so that it can be checked straight away. 

Trust Creative IT to get your data back from a wet

Creative IT is equipped with the right equipment and procedures to make sure that corrosion on your hard drive can be cleaned effectively in its anti-static clean room. An ultra-sonic bath can be used if necessary to repair the PCB board if its traces have been damaged or corroded.

The data will either be accessed directly or replacement components will be carried out in order to restaure the hard drive to temporary working order and transfer the data onto an external hard drive.

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Don't throw your water
damaged hard drive!

To get the data back from your flood damaged hard drive, please get it touch with Creative IT today by calling us on 020 7394 2529. Our data recovery centre is open 6 days a week, Monday until Saturday, from 0900 until 1800.

Our success rate in retrieving flooded hard drives from Mac computers, PCs, laptops and servers is amongst the highest in the UK.

For more information, you can also email us at [email protected]