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Fast, Effective and Affordable RAID 0
Data Recovery Services

Creative IT is a leading independent data recovery company based in London, UK. We offer fast and reliable RAID 0 recovery services at affordable rates. Extracting data from Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks (RAID) systems is our area of expertise. We have the knowledge, tools and hands-on experience to effectively recovery data from RAID storage systems. RAID 0 involves striping data at the block level across at least two disks with no parity data distributed.

A RAID 0 is a striped array without fault tolerance, so it is sensible not to be used for any sensitive information. With more than 15 years of data recovery experience, Creative IT is the name you can trust to recover data from all types of RAID 5, RAID 1, RAID 0, and other RAID variations.

High Success Rate and Top Quality RAID 0 Data Recovery

If you experience problems with your RAID 0 array, it is desirable not attempt to correct the problem yourself as you could overwrite parity data making the RAID 0 data recovery more complicated. We have developed proprietary data recovery techniques to recover data from all RAID levels.

Our RAID 0 data recovery team is knowledgeable and accomplished at handling even the most complex of RAID recovery scenarios. We can productively recover data from RAID 0 array – no matter if you have suffered a drive failure, controller failure, or file system corruption. We make use of advanced data recovery tools, non-destructive raid data recovery software and techniques to repair, recover and rebuild inaccessible data from RAID storage systems.

RAID 0 Data Recovery for Any Operating
System or Platform

Our data experts can recover data from Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Novell, LINUX, IBM AIX, HP UX, Sun Solaris, UNIX and Macintosh operating systems. When you are unable to retrieve your data from RAID 0 data storage systems for no matter what reason, you can rely on us because we understand the value of your data and time. Upon receipt of your RAID array, a data recovery technician will perform an evaluation and will inform you the results and a quote to move forward with the recovery. Once the quote has been approved, the data recovery process of your RAID 0 will then begin and could take as little as 24 hours.

Call Creative IT on 020 7237 6805 or email us at [email protected] now to speak with our team of knowledgeable and friendly data recovery experts.

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