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Creative IT is one of the leading providers of expert LaCie hard drive data recovery services in and around London and all over the UK. If you are looking for a reliable company to recover the data from your LaCie external hard drives, simply contact us. We have a comprehensive range of resources essential to give our clients’ one of the highest success rates in external hard drive data recovery.

LaCie HDD recovery by Creative IT

We have a high success rate for retrieving unrecoverable data from nearly every make and model of LaCie hard drives that have failed due to a number of issues that include being dropped, mishandled, disconnected improperly, or damaged due to power surges. You can be self-assured in knowing that our LaCie external hard drive specialists have the professional expertise, experience, knowledge and cutting edge technology needed to successfully salvage and recover your significant data.

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  • Desktop Hard Drives Recovery LaCie Rugged XL, LaCie d2 Quadra Hard Disk, LaCie Big Disk Quadra, LaCie Brick Desktop Hard Drive and LaCie Golden Disk
  • Mobile Hard Drives Recovery LaCie Little Big Disk Quadra, LaCie Little Disk, LaCie Mobile Disk and LaCie Skwarim
  • SAFE Hard Drives Recovery LaCie SAFE Mobile Hard Drive, LaCie SAFE Hard Disk and LaCie d2 SAFE Hard Drive
  • Multimedia Hard Drives Recovery LaCinema Classic, LaCinema Classic Bridge, LaCinema Rugged, LaCinema Black MAX, LaCinema Black RECORD and LaCinema Black PLAY
  • Network Storage Drives Recovery LaCie Network Space, LaCie Internet Space, LaCie d2 Network, LaCie Big Disk Network, LaCie 2big Network, LaCie 5big Network, LaCie 2big Spare Drive and LaCie 4big/5big Spare Drive
  • RAID Drives Recovery LaCie 2big Quadra, LaCie 4big Quadra, LaCie 16TB 2x4big Quadra Bundle, LaCie 32TB 4x4big Quadra Bundle, LaCie 2big Spare Drive, LaCie Biggest S2S Spare Drive and LaCie 4big/5big Spare Drive