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June 4, 2019 By Monique Stoppa

Vintage Mac Data Recovery

Why need a Vintage Mac data recovery services in London?

Vintage Mac data recovery when hard drive cable is faulty

Vintage Mac data recovery when hard drive cable is faulty

Vintage Mac data recovery are commonly requested by Mac users in London. The list of vintage and obsolete Macs is long and covers laptops and computers which have stopped being manufactured in the past five years and that Apple is no longer supporting, repairing or providing parts for.

Vintage Macs tend to be affected by a very common issue: the hard drive cable connecting the drive to the logic board becomes faulty and the connector is no longer making proper contact with the board. In many cases, by causing the computer to work intermittently, this issue affects the drive itself in the long run which leads many to believe that by replacing the hard drive, everything will be functioning normally again. Unfortunately, sticking to a hard drive replacement only means that the new drive will also get damaged at some point, and may require another data recovery.

What sort of recovery is needed for a vintage Mac with a faulty hard drive cable?

When the cable of a vintage Mac becomes faulty, there are two possible data recovery scenarios. The first one would be a logical data recovery when the firmware needs to be repaired using the specialised data recovery tool PC-3000. Alternatively, it could be a case of a physical issue with the heads being stuck or damaged and the need to open the hard drive in a clean room and carry out a head replacement using an identical donor drive.

As one of the leading data recovery centres in London, Creative IT has years of experience in Vintage Mac data recovery. We are equipped with a clean room and have years of experience in successful head swaps and repairs to corrupted firmware. All the data recoveries we carry out are done securely in-house in our data recovery centre based in London SE1.