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April 13, 2017 By admin

Use Time Machine to Avoid a Data Recovery Service

How to use Time Machine to back up your data and avoid the need for data recovery services

You think your day couldn’t have been worse, but then your system crashes and you lose all your data. The best approach to correct this is to consult a professional hard drive recovery service like Datadoctor. Nevertheless, there are some techniques that you can use to prevent this. The options available are based on the type of hardware you have.

Anyone who has a Mac PC can utilize the Time Machine. If utilized appropriately, this can be very helpful in avoiding the need for Mac hard disk recovery services.

The Time Machine – What Is It?

The Time Machine app is an inbuilt system for backup of data in Mac PCs that have OS X. It functions by backing up your data to your external drive at fixed time intervals. You can use the disk recovery to access the recovered files or to fully reset your OS.

Through Time Machine, you can set the backup frequencies and intervals and select which files are to be backed up. You can also backup your complete system files. It will indeed occupy a lot of space, but it might be extremely helpful to obtain recovery data.

Installation and operation of the Time Machine is pretty easy when compared to external backup softwares. You can simply select a hard disk, plug it in your Mac, and start the backup process.

How to Choose a Drive for Backup

Every backup procedure begins with the selection and preparation of a drive to store your backup files. The best choice of drive will be one that can properly utilize the potential of your Mac.

You should check that your backup drive will remain useful through the additional updates. This means that a connection through the Thunderbolt port is better than the FireWire for USB recovery.

With regards to the backup size, we suggest you to use a hard drive with a capacity double of your inbuilt hard disk. Hence, you can use it to store several copies of your files, if required.

Connect Your Drive and Start the Backup Process

If you have a properly formatted hard disk, all you need to do is plug it in your Mac system. You will automatically see a pop-up menu with an option to utilize this drive as your backup disk. Once you select this, Time Machine will take over from here and start backing up the files on your system.

If this is your first backup, you must normally expect it to take a few hours at the least; it might be much more if you have lots of data to be backed up. Fortunately, only the first backup takes this much time. It is recommended to set up backup at the beginning of the day and let it run in the background.

Do Not Select Any Other Option

In the menu of Time Machine, you can find a variety of options. You can find options to exclude files, which you can select if you have any unimportant files, but it is not suggested. Creating a backup of your entire system files is always the best and widely-suggested option.

You also have the option of removing older backups simultaneously. It also has an option that allows backups even when your system is running on battery, but try not to use this at all. If your battery gets exhausted during the process, files will get corrupted and the entire backup process will fail.

Employing Professional Data Recovery Services

Sometimes, the system data in your PC and backup can be very outdated and may not contain the required files. If you encounter such a problem and the Time Machine is not able to help, you always have other options. You can contact hard drive data recovery professionals who will recover deleted files for you.

If you lose all your important data, you might feel devastated, but it becomes several times worse if you own a business and store all your data in your system. In such cases, loss of files might mean a tremendous loss of money, time, and important records. In such urgent cases, it is recommended to approach data recovery professionals as quickly as you can to save and recover data from hard drive.