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December 11, 2018 By Monique Stoppa


Are you in need of a physical data recovery in London? We have a complete set up of tools, equipment and know-how to help you right away if you are in the capital.

Data Doctor data recovery clean room

Data Doctor data recovery clean room

Data Doctor has just set up a new ISO 5 class 100 clean room inside its data recovery lab in London SE1, a stone throw away from London Bridge, the City of London and the Docklands. A clean room is a controlled environment which prevents dust from contaminating the inside of the drive if its lid is taken off. When a drive is opened in a normal environment, particles get in contact with the disk platters which are picked up by the heads which then get damaged and need replacing. This makes the recovery even more complex as a donor drive is required and it increases the cost of the process. In addition, even if the heads are replaced, the surface of the drive where the data is saved could have been scratched and the data contained becomes impossible to recover.

Having a clean room environment ensures efficiency in the data recovery process. Data Doctor’s clean room has been validated and certified by Monmouth Scientific. The level of cleanliness achieved is determined by the number of airborne particles larger than 0.5um, that are present per cubic metre of air as well as the total number of complete air changes achieved per hour as classified by ISO 14644-2 standards. The clean room is also equipped with a Lamil 10 airflow bench which guarantees a totally clean working environment providing protection for the hard drive that is being handled.

This vertical laminar flow cabinet works by drawing air in through the intake filter which is situated in the top front panel of the cabinet, all the air then passes through pressure chamber and down through the Hepa filter into the working area of the cabinet being exhausted through the front opening of the cabinet.

In addition to our clean room, we use Ace Lab’s PC 3000 data recovery tools for which our team of recovery technicians are qualified to use and get regular training sessions to keep up with updates and developments in the manufacturing of drives and systems.  Data Doctor is part of Creative IT (UK) Ltd, an ISO 27001 certified IT company which guarantees that all the work is done in-house in a fully secured environment and in full compliance with data protection laws and regulations.
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