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April 13, 2017 By admin

HP Server Data Recovery

Though HP servers are reliable and offer flexibility and high-end storage, but still like other servers, such as RAID, SAN, or NAS, HP Servers also experience occasional data loss. Data loss is a frustrating issue, especially if you encounter this problem for the first time. You will feel as there is no solution to this problem. But there are data recovery engineers that can restore your hard drive. For HP server data recovery to be successful, you need to make sure that you are taking the correct steps initially.

A successful HP data recovery involves checking the system for errors. It is necessary to identify the errors because this will allow you to determine what might have gone wrong. It might seem to be very difficult and frustrating if you are not quite familiar but this can be a simple task with the help of an expert.hp server data recovery

If for any reason, you are unable to access your data held on any model of your HP server, shut down the system immediately and contact a hard drive recovery service. It is the first step to being reunited with your data.

Some Common HP Server Failures:

Some of the common HP server failure problems are listed below.

Physical HP Server Failure

Physical failure of your HP server is just like any other electronic device. Anytime, these failures can take place leaving you scrambling to recover the data. When an HP Server fails, it can result in false positive drive failures, a lost RAID configuration and more. This includes the failure of the following components:

  • Motherboard
  • RAM
  • Power supply, or
  • Backplane

As nearly all HP Server use the not so common XFS file system, the hard drive data recovery becomes more complex and specialized.

Logical Failure of HP Server

Logical failures occur when the operating system like Mac, Linux, Windows, Unix, VMware or Novell System becomes corrupted. This can be caused by improper shutdown due to a power failure or power surge, virus attack, user error or an update that was performed that caused damage to the OS to the point where it fails to boot, blue screens, boots in a loop, etc.

User Error

Whether the data on your server, storage area network device or network attached storage was accidentally deleted or the HP Server got formatted or corrupted, there is still a good chance of recovering all your files. But what you do after the initial problem is very important and greatly increases the chances of a 100% successful data recovery. So if user error occurs, it is vitally important that you stop using it and turn it off completely.

Physical Hard Drive Failure of the HP Server

Physical hard drive failure occurs when the mechanical parts of your one or more hard drives in the HP server, storage area network device or network attached storage fail. Usually, mechanical failure like these requires a clean room to recover data from hard drive successfully. If one of your HP server drives suffers a mechanical failure, you would need professional and expert data recovery services to recover your critical files.

What to do when your HP Server fails?

  • Do not run any chkdsk (check disk) options like CHKDSH, or FSCK. As these utilities can destroy or corrupt your file system.
  • Do not perform to rebuild the RAID array. Because if you do so then it can wipe out the data needed to recover the date you need.
  • Do not lose the right order of your drives in the array.
  • Do not remove many failed drives at once in the hope of reinitializing the array.
  • Do not try to fix or do any damaged hard disk repair yourself.

Get Professional Help

The certified Hp server hard disk recovery engineers of Datadoctor are familiar with the entire HP server family, including, Proliant, IBRIX, HP9000, X9000, Non-stop, and Alpha servers.

Data doctor has successfully recovered many HP servers within treat all failure scenarios which includes (but is not limited to):

  • Controller failures and hard drive repair
  • Recover deleted files and Lost Databases
  • Data Corruption
  • Damage from Natural Events

In the world-class clean room, the experienced and expertise engineers of Data doctor have both capabilities and tools required to provide data and hard drive recovery solutions, whatever the problem is.