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April 13, 2017 By admin

What is the Flashing Question Mark on MacBook?

What is the Flashing Question Mark on MacBook? What to do when you see a Flashing Question Mark on your MacBook?

Apple Mac computers are highly capable devices, but unfortunately, they can be also vulnerable at times. It takes only one wrong download to corrupt a system or hard drive completely. Things become even worse when people try to fix the problem themselves.

A corrupt operating system or failed hard disk is a nightmare for an average user. It could mean that they will no longer be able to access or retrieve their personal files and data. But for a business owner who has important files, contracts, documents or receipts saved on their devices, it is even more horrifying.

One of the worst problems that the Mac users often encounter is the appearance of the dreaded flashing question mark that comes during starting up.  In almost all the cases, this sign indicates a severe problem with the drive that requires consulting a Mac hard drive recovery service.

The Dreaded Flashing Question Mark

Have you encountered a strange question mark flashing over a folder while attempting to start your MacBook? This generally occurs during system turn on. There are many causes to it but usually, all has the same end-result i.e., your hard drive, start-up file, or OS have been damaged or corrupted. Some require a professional data recovery service and some don’t.

When the flashing question mark appears and remains on the start up screen, you need professional help to solve the problem. In some other cases, the question mark appears briefly only before leaving the screen. This problem is less severe and generally requires only selecting the suitable start up disk from the Mac system preferences.

Solving the second problem which is less severe is quite easy. You simply just need to open the Mac system preferences via the Apple menu and move to the labeled “Startup Disk” icon. Once you select the appropriate start up disk there and close the menu, you should not encounter that problem again.

However, on the other hand, if you get the question mark while attempting to start up your Mac and the system doesn’t start up afterward, then it is likely that there’s some corrupt data. This is not something that you should try to fix yourself because it can make the problem a lot worse and it could even result in permanent loss of valuable information.

Is there anything you can do with the Flashing Question Mark on a MacBook?

Initially, a corrupt system on a MacBook may seem to be an unsolved problem but there are solutions. The best thing you can do is to contact a professional data recovery service. They are the experts and can perform various functions, from repairing your corrupt data to restoring your lost files.

Another useful note: it is always a good idea to take advantage of the MacBook’s internal back up functionality. For Mac devices, Time Machine is the standard backup feature on Operating System X. You can easily set up this feature to continuous backup of your systems around the clock. These backups are very helpful when you go for a data recovery service. Data Doctor can even set this up for you if you would like to.

How can a Data Recovery Service help in a situation of Flashing Question Mark on a MacBook?

There is still hope even if your files are not opening, vanished or corrupted. And this is not limited to Mac users only. The days are long gone when a damaged or corrupted drive was the end of the world. The technology has advanced so much that the recovery of seemingly lost data is completely possible now.

In general, professional data recovery services can help most of the situations of all users, including commercial and residential clients. Most of the standard data recovery services take from one day to a week in absolute most cases to completely resolve your problem. And the process always begins with an analysis where the hard drive is examined to diagnose the exact problem and find the perfect solution.

Should you need a faster service, you can always consider expedited or the emergency hard drive recovery services. Most of the hard drive recovery companies offer almost all the three services with a slight increment in the prices between them all. It is the best solution if your data is very important and you don’t want to lose it.