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May 23, 2017 By admin

Microsoft Exchange Server Data Recovery in London

Microsoft Exchange Server Data Recovery in London

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) or email exchange servers are necessary for running any business in current environment because almost all communication takes place via electronic mails.  Given the criticality of this important service, a well-planned backup should be in place to ensure all the emails are robustly secured. However, there can be occasions when even the backup devices or databases can fail. If something like this happens then it can be really harmful for the business. There are few standard tools and utility software available in the market which claim to help in this scenario, but these utilities can impact adversely your email servers and databases. These can aggravate the damage instead of fixing the damage. This is where you and your business needs a team with high standard of expertise in data recovery.

Exchange Server Data recovery services by experienced professionals

All versions of MS mail exchange servers are supported by our team. We have a team which keeps updating itself with latest versions and latest technique to keep themselves updated with all upcoming technologies in this domain.

Not only all the versions but also all kinds of errors, e.g. corruption of data, errors with jet engine or the common error with read verification, which can cause your Microsoft email exchange server to fail or corrupt can be taken care by our troubleshooters with very high level of expertise in recovering any data related issues.

Some of the major reasons which can cause your mail exchange server database to get corrupted or lost are as follows:

  • Data overloading
  • Logging failure
  • Abrupt shut down of the exchange
  • Header corruption in outlook PST file
  • Incorrect handling of duplicate keys

Our team of experts can troubleshoot all types of email exchange server related issues with their latest recovery data tools and techniques.

We provide all types of data recovery services which include:

  • Data recovery of outlook folders, emails along with metadata and attachments.
  • Data recovery of outlook conversations saved automatically via messaging.
  • Data recovery of outlook contacts, calendars and notes.
  • Data recovery of all emails addresses used during various communication.
  • Data recovery of archived emails and folders.

We can regain the required data from all types of backup devices as our services include USB recovery,disk recovery, hard drive recovery, flash drive recovery etc.

Alert: This is important to mention here that various tools and utility software for data recovery available in the market can adversely affect your data.

  • If you are planning to open a technical support request with Microsoft or any other service provider then make sure you take a backup of all your email related files including .EDB, .LOG, .PST and .STM.
  • If you are planning to send your database to any other organization for any services, ensure you have taken required backup of all your files including .EDB, .LOG, .PST and .STM.

If you need our exchange server recovery services then feel free to contact us for free quotation and our experts will revert with required information and quotation. Once you provide necessary approvals then only we initiate any action from our side.