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May 7, 2017 By admin

Data recovery service for Tablets and Android Smartphones

Data doctor has come up with some latest and innovative data recovery techniques to regain lost information from Android Devices. These techniques include very high level programming as well as hardware tools which help in revering the data. Most of these tools and techniques have been developed in house by our experts. Our hardware recovery tools help in recovering data from various sources of data storage devices including flash memory cards, multimedia cards, solid state drives (SSDs) and also secured digital (SD) cards. Our recovery tools and techniques can regain data from those gadgets also where memory is not detachable. Our in house developed tools are capable to recover deleted files from severely damaged devices too. It would not be an exaggeration if we say that our tools can regain lost data from any device which uses android like cell phone, tablets, portable personal computers, smartwatches, compact media players, anything which you can think of which comes with android operating data recovery

All these versatile gadgets take a considerable measure of manhandle, and with today’s portable innovation, an ever increasing number of basic information is being put away on Android-based apparatuses consistently. Since Android advanced mobile phones and tablets are conveyed about and presented to various natural variables, for example, water and warmth, or unplanned drops, those devices are much more powerless to information misfortune and turned into a subject for information recuperation. Their versatility makes these complex and basic Android cell phones prime possibility for information misfortune. In the meantime, as an expanding measure of information is being put away on them, these gadgets are as yet the minimum as often as possible moved down. Regardless of the possibility that your gadget is totally broken, absorbed fluids or liquefied, give us a chance to provide our data recovery servicesto help you with these problems.


Whatever information you see stored on your device, irrespective of the fact whether it’s stored in an external memory card or internal device, ultimately everything resides in a storage device only.  Our hard drive recovery serviceteamhas built up a propelled streak recuperation innovation that comprises of perusing individual glimmer memory chips into crude pictures, then applying figured out blunder amendment and unique mapping calculations to unscramble each picture and amassing them. The subsequent picture can then be handled utilizing existing information recuperation strategies.


Below is a list of items which our team can successfully repair or recover. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.

  • All files stored in Gallery: All types of corrupted or deleted image files can be recovered by our team.
  • All files in video format: All types of videos which got deleted or corrupted can be regained by our team.
  • All files in audio format: All kinds of audio formats are supported by our tools for recovery.
  • All messages including emails: Our expertise in hard disk repair, USB recovery, flash drive recovery, disk recoverylets us recover all types of messages and emails whether deleted or corrupted.
  • All Contacts along with metadata: Our data recoveryteam can recover all contacts along with their metadata like addresses, emails etc. from your device.
  • All Documents files: We can recover word, pdf, excel, html, text, zipped files etc from your device irrespective of their current status.


So if you are looking for data recovery services for any android based device whether it’s a cell phone or a camera, simply contact us. You can count on our team who has expertise in data recovery tools and techniques.