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Over 15 years Expert Recovery Experience

With more than 15 years of professional and expert data recovery experience, Creative IT’s team of data recovery technicians have established themselves as nationwide experts in hard drive recovery services. We offer professional services for all media types and operating systems including: raid arrays, servers, tape cartridges, optical devices, and all other hardware and storage media. If you have ever experienced a hard disk crash, we have the ideal data recovery solutions for individuals, multinational corporations, educational institutions and government agencies from crashed, damaged or failed hard disk drives.

recovery data london

Leading Success Rate for Retrieving
Unrecoverable Hard Disk Data

From its Central London location, UK, Creative IT has grown to become one of the leading independent companies in the data recovery industry. We have a high success rate for retrieving unrecoverable data from nearly every make and model of hard disk drive and storage media device type. Our hard disk data specialists have the professional expertise, experience, knowledge and cutting edge technology needed to successfully salvage and recover your significant data.

London and Hard Disk Data
Recovery Experts

Whether you are experiencing a hard disk physical damage from a flood, fire, or other disaster, or a software related failure, our data recovery engineers can help you. Let our experienced team of experts recover your company’s or personal data from your IDE, USB, SATA and SCSI hard disks or from FAT, FAT32 or NTFS hard disk partitions. We provide fast, secure and confidential data recovery services throughout UK from our strategic lab facilities.
recovery data london

Fast, Secure and Confidential
Hard Disk Data Recovery

Our team will examine your failed, corrupt or damaged hard disk drives to determine the exact problems linked with your data loss situation prior to you undertaking our data recovery process or presenting you with a data recovery quote. The moment our data recovery team has determined your problem you will receive a quote informing you the costs of performing the salvage process. Our remarkable track record in this industry includes numerous data loss situations that we have undertaken and solved successfully, when other data recovery specialists could not, or did not challenge to try and solve.