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Data lost? Fast and guaranteed SD, SDHC, micro SD and mini SD memory card data recovery in London

SD, SDHC, micro SD or mini SD memory card recovery by Creative IT

Micro and mini SD cards contain information that is often very valuable, including irreplaceable photos, that can become inaccessible and in need of a fast and guaranteed SD data recovery by experts.

SD (Secure Digital) memory cards are common small digital storage systems ideal for a smaller and thinner everyday portable electronic gadget such as Go Pro cameras, mobile phones, satellite navigation systems and others. Although they are well-designed and protected from damage, failures do happen when the data becomes inaccessible, the SD card is no longer seen by the device where it is stored or data has been deleted after a human error.

The most common faults with SD memory cards we have to deal with at Creative IT include:

  • The SD card has been badly damaged or is cracked
  • Files have been deleted
  • The SD card is not recognised
  • The SD card is not responding
  • The device no longer starts and data needs to be retrieved from the SD card

If you’re thinking that your data is lost, trust our team of skilled technicians to recover your it.


Successful SD, SDHC, micro SD and mini SD memory card data recovery with PC-3000 Flash Spider board adapter

PC-3000 adapter board for SD card recovery

PC-3000 adapter board for micro SD and mini SD card recovery used by Creative IT

Micro SD cards include four card families available in three different sizes. The four families are the original Standard-Capacity (SDSC), the High-Capacity (SDHC), the eXtended-Capacity (SDXC), and the SDIO (Secure Digital Input Output).

SD cards are called monoliths manufactured as single-package chips which means that all components are constructed on a single chip of silicon. Interconnections among components are provided by means of metallization patterns on the surface of the chip structure, and the individual parts are not separable from the complete circuit. External connecting wires are taken out to terminal pins or leads.

Given the intricate design of a SD card and the different types and sizes, Creative IT uses the PC-3000 Flash Spider board adapter for its data recovery which consists of 25 universal contacts that support software configuration of their association with NAND interface signals in a corresponding task.  The spider board is a very smart hardware configuration based on full-fledged configurable Xilinx microchip. It’s a complete system with wide number of functions, that are constantly updated and improved. The Spider Board adapter has two main features:

  • Ability to read the data from the broad range of monolith devices;
  • Opportunity to work in Card Adapter mode with mSD, SD, eMMC devices

The adapter’s needle-like pins are essentially sophisticated noise-proof contacts designed considering the technical tasks and specifics of the device. They are nickel-plated to prevent oxidization and partially covered with special tip coating for short circuit prevention.

Creative IT has invested in the right technology and training to ensure successful recovery of SD memory cards from its central London based data recovery centre.


Book your SD, SDHC, micro SD and mini SD memory card recovery now with Creative IT

If the information saved on your SD, SDHC, micro SD or mini SD memory card from your camera, mobile phone, sat nav or tablet is no longer visible or accessible, Creative IT’s team use their engineering skills and the best data recovery tools to get your data. We are an ISO 27001 Information Security certified company and guarantee a fast and secure recovery of all your files. Don’t delay – speak to one of us now for more information about our data recovery and data transfer services.