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Expert solutions for a G-RACK 12 server recovery in London

G-RACK 12 data recovery

G-RACK 12 data recovery by Creative IT

As part of its specialist NAS recovery services, Creative IT offer fast and professional G-RACK 12 data recovery solutions. From its London based data recovery centre, the team of expert data recovery technicians will help you regain access to your data with the minimum amount of downtime.

So, whether you are a small or medium size post-production house, a TV/broadcast studio, an ad agency or a creative department working with Adobe® Premiere® Pro, Apple® Final Cut Pro® X, Avid Media Composer® and any other creative applications, working on Windows® or macOS environment for servers, get in touch with Creative IT for your G-RACK 12 recovery needs.


From the diagnostic of a G-RACK 12 failure to the secure recovery of important data

A G-RACK-12 system can crash and fail for a number of reasons. A malfunction or overheating of one of the hard drives, an incorrect setup of the RAID system, a controller crash or a server registry error may imply the replacement of the failing drive or the rebuild of the RAID system. Cases like these always require the assistance of a knowledgeable and professional company like Creative IT.

In other circumstances, a physical failure to one of the hard drives contained in the G-RACK can be the cause of the loss of data. The most common hard drive failures include a head crash, platter damage, issues with PCB board, corrupted firmware or bad sectors. Creative IT has the tools to fix the failing drive in order to access the data.

Drives part of the G-RACK 12 system can also suffer from logical failures which can happen after a power surge, an incorrect reset or improper shut down. Our PC-3000 data recovery tool will be able to give a fast failure diagnostic and resolve the issue.

Finally, human errors can trigger a loss of data when files are accidentally deleted, formatted or overwritten or if the system is badly set up.


Contact Creative IT for safe and secure G-RACK 12 recovery in and around London

As the leading data recovery company in London, Creative IT offers same day and cost-effective data recovery services for G-RACK 12. Our skilled and professional technicians have been trained to deal with all the latest development in drive technology and understand the significance of data. We endeavour to do everything we can to ensure the complete recovery of your information and give you back the access to the data stored on your server in a timely manner.