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Fast recovery of G-DRIVE USB-C external hard drive for desktop in London

Creative IT is specialised in the recovery of G-TECHNOLOGY drives and as such, can offer a fast and professional G-DRIVE USB-C external desktop drive recovery from its data recovery lab in central London. Our team of experienced data recovery technicians can intervene in all cases of lost data including mechanical, electronic and logical failures.


Do you have a G-DRIVE USB-C desktop external drive failing and in need of a data recovery?

 G-DRIVE USB-C external hard drive for desktop recovery

G-DRIVE USB-C external hard drive for desktop recovery from Creative IT

Creative IT has over 15 years’ experience in data recovery procedures. Our technicians are receiving ongoing training to stay in touch with advances of hard drive design and technology.

No matter the type of failures you are experiencing. We will find the right solution to give you back access to your important files, videos, photos or music files within the minimum amount of delay.

Here are some examples of G-DRIVE USB-C desktop hard drive failures we deal with:

  • G-DRIVE USB-C not recognised by Mac
  • G-DRIVE USB-C not mounting
  • G-DRIVE USB-C not working
  • G-DRIVE USB-C not showing up in Mac
  • G-DRIVE USB-C power supply failure
  • G-DRIVE USB-C damaged after a fall
  • Accidental deletion or hard disk formatting of G-DRIVE USB-C
  • G-DRIVE USB-C fails to boot or hangs in the middle of the process
  • Overheating G-DRIVE USB-C
  • G-DRIVE USB-C electronic failure or power surge
  • G-DRIVE USB-C not seen in the bios
  • Sudden start up failure of G-DRIVE USB-C
  • Clicking or grinding sounds from G-DRIVE USB-C
  • Files and folders are corrupted or become invisible

From troubleshooting your external drive’s failure to complete recovery of data, Creative IT has the answer to your data problem.

Contact Creative IT now for the expert data recovery G-DRIVE USB-C external hard drive for desktop

If you are based in London and would like help with recovering the information saved on your G-DRIVE USB-C external hard drive, get in touch with Creative IT now. We have walk-in service Monday to Saturday and will be able to give you a diagnostic of the external hard drive failure while you wait and start the recovery process on the same day.