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Not up to date with your backups? Data lost? Contact Creative IT for specialised G-DRIVE Pro SSD Recovery

G-DRIVE Pro SSD Recovery and Repair

G-DRIVE Pro SSD Recovery and Repair by Creative IT

G-Drive Pro SSD have been designed for high-end video professionals as a working drive. Sold as a highly reliable storage option aimed primarily at the Apple market, the drives come in four capacity options: 960GB, 1.92TB, 3.84TB and 7.68TB.

But, when the footage you shot has disappeared or your audio files are no longer accessible, you need urgent assistance from a reliable G-DRIVE Pro SSD data recovery company such as Creative IT.


Data recovery for all issues affecting your G-DRIVE Pro SSD

Your G-DRIVE Pro is a high endurance SSD delivered with a five-year warranty and, as such, shouldn’t fail. Nevertheless, if you are unable to access your data and are thinking that you’ve lost months’ worth of work, we can help you. We take care of all issues affecting G-DRIVE SSD Pro, including:

  • G-DRIVE doesn’t boot up
  • G-DRIVE is not recognized by the Mac OS
  • G-DRIVE isn’t physically detected by the Mac
  • G-DRIVE is not visible on the system
  • G-DRIVE is not showing on Mac
  • G-DRIVE will not mount on Mac
  • G-DRIVE making a clicking noise
  • G-DRIVE flashing white light
  • G-DRIVE isn’t working
  • G-DRIVE with disk unknown not initialized error
  • G-DRIVE detected but not showing up in My Mac because disk driver is not installed properly
  • G-DRIVE with loose connection
  • G-DRIVE has been destroyed
  • G-DRIVE affected by water damage or impact damage


From G-DRIVE SSD Pro troubleshooting to full recovery of your data

The team at Creative IT can troubleshoot any issue you are having with your G-DRIVE SSD Pro desktop drive. When a drive comes in for a repair or a recovery, technicians will carry out a number of tests including:

– Check the file system for errors

– Verify the SSD itself

– Test the drive on another computer

– Check that the firmware is up to date

– Check the disk cable to make sure nothing is wrong with it and that the connection isn’t intermittent


Trust Creative IT for a successful G-DRIVE Pro SSD Recovery

With over 15 years of professional and expert data recovery experience, Creative IT’s computer data recovery specialists have established themselves as the leaders of G-DRIVE Pro SSD recovery in central London. The expert services we provide are highly secured and offered with a high success rate. To get your G-DRIVE Pro SSD checked, call us now or bring your computer/hard drive to our data recovery centre.