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Expert and secure data recovery for your G-DRIVE Mobile USB-C external hard drive in London

G-DRIVE Mobile USB-C external hard drive recovery

G-DRIVE Mobile USB-C external hard drive recovery by Creative IT

Creative IT is one of the leading data recovery centre in London and as such, is able to offer fast and reliable recovery services for G-DRIVE Mobile USB-C external hard drives. Our data recovery lab, which is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment, including a clean room for physical recoveries and sophisticated recovery software for logical failures, acts as a one stop shop for any data related issues including:

  • Inability to access data
  • Data loss
  • Clicking hard drive
  • Hard drive not recognised by the Mac OS system
  • System corruption
  • Liquid or accidental damage to the drive
  • Damaged head on the drive
  • Virus
  • Accidental deletion
  • Drive doesn’t mount
  • Drive that has errors


Why has your G-DRIVE Mobile USB-C external hard drive stopped working and failed?

G Technology™ hard drives allow users to store a huge amount of data. Their G-DRIVE Mobile USB-C external hard drives come in a range of capacity including 1TB and 2TB and come formatted for Apple MacBook laptops even if they are also suitable for Windows users after reformatting. Although the manufacturing process is of high quality, hard drives have moving parts that can go bad after a while.

There are usually warning signs that the drive is failing:

  • Ability to open some files and not others
  • Hard drive behaving slowly
  • Hard drive making unusual sounds
  • Corrupted data

Obviously, it’s always recommended to check for viruses or malware before thinking there is something wrong with the drive. If the hard drive is really dead, you need to contact Creative IT that will be able to troubleshoot the drive fault. Common failures include:

  • Bad sectors
  • PCB issues
  • Head crash
  • Circuit failure
  • Motor failure
  • Mechanical failure
  • Logical error
  • Corrupted files

Our data recovery technicians are able to retrieve data after a variety of failures. A full diagnostic can be done on the spot, while you wait.


Contact Creative IT for expert G Technology™ hard drive recovery in London

Creative IT offers same day and cost-effective data recovery services for G-DRIVE Mobile USB-C external hard drive. We understand the significance of data and the impact its loss has on business in particular. Our data recovery technicians will do everything they can to ensure the complete recovery of your information and give you back the access to your photos, videos, documents or music stored on your drive in a timely manner.