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Fast data recovery for your G-DRIVE Mobile external hard drive in London

G-DRIVE Mobile external hard drive recovery

G-DRIVE Mobile external hard drive recovery

As London’s leading data recovery centre, Creative IT provide same day recovery services for G-DRIVE Mobile external hard drives. We specialise in logical and physical data recoveries and offer the highest success rate of recovery in central London. Our data recovery centre is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment, including a clean room for physical recoveries and sophisticated recovery software for logical failures. We deal with all situations of data loss, including but not limited to:

  • Impossibility to access data
  • Data loss
  • Clicking or screeching noise coming from the hard drive
  • Hard drive not recognised by Mac OS
  • System corruption
  • Liquid or accidental damage to the drive
  • Damaged head on the drive
  • Virus and malware
  • Accidental deletion
  • Formatted drive
  • Drive doesn’t mount
  • Error messages on drive

G-DRIVE Mobile external hard drives are often use to back up data but it is always advisable to do an additional back up just in case something goes wrong. But, if you haven’t got a second back up, Creative IT can help you retrieve your data whatever the problem.

Reasons why your G-DRIVE Mobile external hard drive is dead or failing

G Technology™ external hard drives allow users to store a huge amount of data including photos, videos and documents. Their G-DRIVE Mobile external hard drive comes in a range of capacity including 1TB, 2TB and 4TB and is formatted to complement Apple Mac computers, Apple Time Machine and Apple FileVault. Unfortunately, even if G-DRIVES are highest quality products, the fact that they are made of moving parts means that they can break and create difficulties when trying to open files.

If you use a G-DRIVE Mobile external hard drive, you need to look at for warning signs, telling you that the drive is about to fail:

  • System slow when the drive is plugged in
  • Ability to open some files but others can’t be accessed
  • Hard drive making unusual sounds such as clicking or screeching
  • Data is corrupted

The first thing to do when faced with an external hard drive problem is to check for viruses or malware before thinking there is something wrong with the hardware. If the system isn’t infected but the hard drive is not responding, get in contact with Creative IT. Our team of technicians will troubleshoot problem and assess whether it’s coming from:

  • A bad sector on the drive
  • A printed circuit board (PCB) issue
  • A head crash
  • An internal circuit failure
  • A motor failure
  • A mechanical failure
  • A logical error
  • Some corrupted files or corrupted system

We offer assistance for all failures and aim to give you a diagnostic within the hour of dropping the G-DRIVE Mobile external hard drive in our data recovery centre, while you wait.


Get your data back by contacting Creative IT, the experts in G Technology™ hard drive recovery

For same day and cost-effective data recovery services for G-DRIVE Mobile external hard drives, you can trust Creative IT. Our team is highly trained in the latest data recovery technological advances and understands the impact data loss has on business or everyday life. We have all the necessary skills and equipment to ensure the successful recovery of your information, photos, videos, documents or music stored on your G-DRIVE Mobile. Take advantage of our walk-in G-Tech data recovery service and get an evaluation on your data recovery needs without delay.