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ISO 27001 data recovery services for G-DRIVE ev ATC external hard drive

G-DRIVE ev ATC recovery in London

G-DRIVE ev ATC external hard drive data recovery in London by Creative IT

If you are a business, an organisation, self-employed or a home user in need of the recovery of your G-DRIVE ev ATC external hard drive, contact Creative IT. We are the leading data recovery company in central London with the latest data recovery technology to provide fast and secure data recovery for hard drives. Our data recovery lab is equipped with sophisticated data recovery tools as well as a clean room to open hard drives and perform physical data recovery procedures. We take care all the models of G-Technology™ external hard drives including the G-DRIVE ev ATC external hard drive. We can assist you in the event of a logical or physical failure immediately, giving a you a fast diagnostic while you wait.

All the data loss diagnostics and recoveries are performed in our central London data recovery centre located near London Bridge in London SE1.  Our team of highly skilled technicians will find a solution for you whatever the issue. We intervene and offer assistance in all cases of external hard drive failures, including:

  • Error message such as repeated read or write messages
  • Unusual noise – clicking, grinding – coming from the external hard drive
  • External hard drive doesn’t mount
  • System is freezing
  • No access to data saved on the external hard drive
  • Sudden loss of data
  • Mac OS doesn’t recognise the external hard drive
  • System corruption
  • Liquid or accidental damage to the drive including a fall
  • Head damage on the external hard drive
  • Virus and malware have affected the system
  • Accidental deletion of files and folders on the external drive
  • External hard drive formatted by mistake

G-DRIVE ev ATC external hard drives are strong and quality drives designed to sustain rough treatment. Unfortunately, there may be issues with internal components or corruption of files which make it impossible for the user to access their data, documents, photos, digital videos and music. This is when you can call Creative IT to get immediate assistance when your drive is failing.

How can you tell your G-DRIVE ev ATC is dead or failing?

G Technology™ external hard drives have been manufactured to allow users to back up a big amount of data already stored on their Mac. Unfortunately, when a G-DRIVES fails and leaves users unable to access their files, there are some signs telling them that there is something is wrong with the drive. Symptoms to look out for are:

  • Slowdown of the system when the drive is plugged in
  • The system is hanging
  • Only part of the files can be opened. Others can’t be opened.
  • The drive is no longer silent and emits unusual sounds such as clicking, grinding or screeching noises
  • Whenever the data is open, the information is corrupted and cannot be used

Once simple troubleshooting tests show that there is no infection with viruses, malware or that there is no software corruption causing the hard drive to fail, there is a high probability that the issue could be a logical failure, firmware corruption or physical failure. Our technicians can troubleshoot the fault while you wait. Once the tests have been done, they will give you a diagnostic and a quote. The most common faults on G-DRIVE ev ATC external drives we have to deal with include:

  • Physical failures or mechanical failures such as a head crash, a motor failure, a PCB issue or a circuit failure, power surge
  • Logical failures such as bad sectors, corrupted files or corrupted system

Creative IT provides assistance for all type of failures affecting your G-DRIVE ev ATC in its London based data recovery centre.


Call the experts in G Technology™ external hard drive recovery and get immediate help to access your data

Creative IT provides fast and secure data recovery services for G-DRIVE ev ATC. Our team uses the most sophisticated data recovery tools to ensure a high success rates of recovery of all the information backed up. To get a fast evaluation of your hard drive failure today, get in touch with Creative IT. Our data recovery centre has a walk-in service Monday to Saturday from 0900 until 1800.